Interview - Charlie Holden, Parable

Charlie is a DJ and Co-Founder of Parable, a leading curator and promoter of London's biggest electronic music events.

Georgie, our Founder, talks to Charlie about Parable's incredible growth and 2024 plans, working with the world's best DJ talent and what is changing in the electronic music world.


What triggered you to launch Parable and how do you stand apart?

I’ve been lucky enough to be in the music & club industry for 16 years now, having put on a broad mix of different types of events. I have a real true love for melodic house & techno music, so in 2018 we took a punt and did two shows over the same weekend with the legendary Stephan Bodzin, which set us on our journey.  Since then its been all go! We’re very passionate promoters who love delivering eye-catching high production events with our community and customer experience at the very heart of what we do.

You host some of the biggest DJs in London’s most vibey venues, what has been the secret to Parable’s growth story?

I think from day one, we consistently were booking artists that other top promoters weren't really looking at back then. We invested heavily in lights and production and made a point of building an interesting story by switching venues & artists experiences each time. Many other promoters now do this to be honest. We’re very lucky we have built an incredibly engaged and loyal community of music lovers who are also a huge part of our growth. We’re truly humbled by the support they show us.

The rise and evolution of EDM over 50 years has been crazy with trance in the 80s only increasing it’s popularity - where is it heading now?

Ha ha, electronic music is always developing, changing and then often coming full circle.  Look at Trance now showing peak popularity amongst Gen Zs.
Dance music is thriving but its commercialised growth internationally is also a little worrying. It becomes an ever more expensive beast once the Americans get their hands on it!

How is the electronic music world being affected by hospitality government grant cuts?

I think there is less opportunity for new venues and event organisers to make a career and business out of the industry now.  There is so much stress and risk involved with a real lack of support from the government, hence why so many pubs and clubs are closing down.  It's truly worrying for our music industry and culture.

What’s on the cards for Parable in 2024?

This year is a pretty ambitious one for us.  We’re expanding into some new cities (both UK & beyond).  In the UK alone we have over 50 shows confirmed, which is almost double the number of last year.  It's a little daunting but also incredibly exciting!

What makes you tick when you are not putting on music events?

I've been doing this for 16 years now and I truly love doing it.  My role and what I do has evolved so much. It's definitely not a 9 to 5, so I never really switch off. I just returned from my honeymoon and that was the first time in god knows how many years I switched off and wasn't in work mode for 3 weeks! 

What are your health hacks (apart from Rebound packs!), when preparing and repairing from a long night hosting an event?

Try and drink as much water as possible and also pull out the stretches on the dance floor when nobody is watching!

How are any new year’s resolutions going?

Not very well, I broke dry January and was desperately looking round my flat for any extra Rebounds I had lying around.  I need to re-stock!

Just before you go……

Parable nights not to miss in 2024:

  1. All day I Dream this summer
  2. Sven Vath in April
  3. Many many others i cannot announce just now :)

Favourite rave caves in London:

  1. Unit 58 in South
  2. The Carpet Store
  3. A brand new central London venue opening soon - watch this space🤩

DJ talent hot list:

  1. Marlon Hoffstadt (not a Parable style, but he’s very exciting)
  2. Cameron Jack
  3. Ivory
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