Influencer Interview - Heloise Nangle

Ex Professional horse rider, turned wealth manager, who is now a PT and coach and Director of Operations and Partnerships at fit-tech start-up ATHLO. With a love for music, art and dancing we talk to Heloise about how she fuses these three worlds together.

What was the last music event and art show you went to and fitness class you taught?

Cristoph and Kolsch at Koko in Camden – Cristoph is an essential addition to all spin instructor’s playlists so it’s only fitting that I have finally seen him live.

Van Gogh Immersive Experience and ‘Capturing the Moment’ at Tate Modern - both available until January.

My Monday night double Ride at Third Space – favourite classes of the week. Same crew each time – their energy is electric.

On music, what makes you move the most (genre, artist)?

I have the most eclectic taste when it comes to music and will move (move being the word as my dancing skills are slim to very poor) to almost anything. Melodic tech would be a true love, however, as a result of going to Newcastle uni, DnB will always hold a special place in my heart.

So when you are not teaching how do you like keeping fit?

I am very goal driven so tend to always have a focus to my training – this currently being Hyrox, which formulates the basis of my workouts each week and what is programmed for me by my coach. But it is also the perfect way to spend time with friends, so I love to go out on my bike with them at the weekends for long rides, hit up a run with the Balance Community or head to one of my friends, who coach, classes. Joy comes from interactions with others and as humans we are meant to connect, so for me, fitness is always better shared.

So, something I talk about a lot is how to prepare and repair your body (apart from taking Rebound packs!) when you go dancing …what would be your top 3 tips for the day of and day after?

Day of:

  1. Sweat – preferably with those that I am heading out with. It’s an essential part of my pre-game - hitting up a workout with friends, to connect, to kickstart the endorphins and to enable me to ride that post training high that I love so much – from the physical to the mental.
  2. Hydrate with a Phizz, a side kick to my life – it sounds so basic, but it really does help to start on the front foot. They contain all the essential vitamins and electrolytes to support my active lifestyle.
  3. Music – fill your house with it. I literally soundtrack every part of my life and is something that never fails to elevate my mood.

Day after:

  1. Move – it doesn’t need to be anything intense, but movement helps release endorphins, leave you feeling productive and will negate any post party anxiety. One of the benefits of having a dog – you can’t just stay in bed. So first order of the day is generally to meet a friend for a walk, for some fresh air and a debrief on the prior day and night!
  2. Phizz and a Tenzing – for the hydration, electrolytes and energy. I don’t drink coffee so Tenzing is very much a part of my daily fuel.
  3. Work- bear with me on this – I suffer from anxiety, which I am very good at managing but it can rise when I feel I am being unproductive – I’ve never liked down days, nor do I want my nights out to impact this, they all need to work in synergy with each other, so by getting an hour or 2 of work done, always leaves me feeling on top of things. It might not be work for you but I do advocate hitting up something that might be part of your normal routine as it really helps keep you feeling positive mentally.

I believe Rebound should be part of everyone’s weekly health and wellness plan to optimise recovery whatever the occasion. What do you do on a weekly basis to keep your lifestyle balanced?

Fitness, music, art, work and Family/ friends are the foundations of my life and are what leave me feeling my most fulfilled. My weeks are structured around these areas and I have spent the last year and a half, off the back of a challenging time, curating my weeks to always encompass these. Of course, it is important to eat and sleep well but a balanced lifestyle to me is through the synergy of these elements and are what leave me energised and above all happy.

Well thank you for your time Heloise - we are so excited to have you on our journey with us.

Just before you go:

Which gigs are on your hit list:

  1. Cercle – I am going to their festival in Paris in May
  2. The Audio Obscura event at the Loft (one of my favourite spaces) in Amsterdam at the end of Jan.
  3. Stephan Jolk – Declaration of Love is one of my all time favourite tracks and I am desperate to see him live, yet for some reason just haven’t managed to tick off yet!

Favourite places to go out in London:

    1. Koko in Camden
    2. Village Underground – a little bit gritty and intimate enough to really feel in amongst it.
    3. My local pub – you cannot beat settling in with friends for an afternoon/evening and then just seeing where the night takes you.
    4. Refusing to acknowledge how much time I spent in soho house and the number of margaritas I have worked my way through…

Greatest wellness wins of 2023:

    1. Qualifying for Hyrox World Championships
    2. Time blocking my workouts – I do this on a Sunday and add into my diary and they are then a non negotiable. It is time for myself, to move, to progress and to feel good. There are a lot of moving parts to manage in my life with my different roles and I am rarely off my phone so having this specific hour is extremely beneficial for headspace. To expand on this, I have also reconnected to my love of swimming and bi weekly swims have become my form of meditation because, whilst I cannot seem to get on board with it in the traditional sense, the only thing I can focus on when swimming, is my breathing and this I have found serves to the same effect and benefit!
    3. Discovering Rebound!
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