Influencer Interview - Stevie Appleton

Stevie is a platinum selling British singer, songwriter and producer. Working with all the top names in dance music from Tiesto, John Summit, Gorgon City and many more. His work is spent either behind the scenes writing & producing, or as a live act performing with dance acts across the world. He’s just landed back from a stadium show with John Summit in Los Angeles and he’s here to talk to Georgie about how he brings his music and looking after himself together.


For some context, how would you describe the music you write and how has it evolved?

I came from a live music background in bands playing piano and singing. As I went into the dance space, having the skill and understanding of the piano especially hugely helped me pave a way to writing on synths and being more creative. My music is quite chord focussed and often tends to lean towards the melodic if not summery feel with that dancy edge.

Your last song you wrote was What A Life by John Summit. What inspired this?

It’s almost impossible not to be inspired by the things you love when writing music, and I had a moment at an amazing party where they played Gypsy Women by Crystal Waters. The energy in the room was so amazing I felt I had to try something similar. You can hear that in the opening chord sequence which captures a similar emotion. It’s still one of my favourite songs I’ve written.

Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

I think everyone’s goal is Calvin Harris if I had to be honest. He’s just been the number one most respected and consistent writer/producer/act that I’ve ever known. Constantly changing the game and leading the way. He’s who I’d classify to be the ceiling.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Learn to be positive in writing rooms. I’m sure that spreads to other genres of work too. Encourage ideas, encourage people, be friendly, be humble, but also show your worth. It’s a balance but the vibe in the room is everything.

So what makes you tick when you aren’t singing, writing, playing or recording?

I would consider it, generously, as market research but I love going to clubs and seeing and feeling the love for the music on the receiving end. It doesn’t at all feel like work, but it’s also very useful from time to time.

What would you be doing if it wasn’t for your music career?

My grandad was a pilot of Concorde and before music I’ve always been so inspired by him that when I was younger I wanted to be a pilot. The lure for music though was far too strong and I left school at 16 to pursue it.

What are your regular go-tos for supporting your wellbeing?

Before Rebound I used to take 5HTP if I was going on nights out but that was roughly where the supplements ended. I think going to the gym 3 times a week for mental and physical health and the cherry on top is that you look better and feel more confident with how you carry yourself.

So, something I talk about a lot is how to best ‘prepare and repair’ your body (apart from taking Rebound packs!) when going out. What do you do to ‘prepare’ for a night out or gig and then ‘repair’ the day after?

  1. I never go out without eating a good meal. Frankly I’d get drunk too quickly and feel empty as the night goes on.
  2. Rebound packs as I mentioned for regaining serotonin levels quicker as well as detoxing, rebalancing and boosting my whole body - they have been a game changer!
  3. Water. Water. Water. I’m such a big water drinker. I try to do 2 drinks & 1 drink water. I’m always better off
  4. Ideally pick a night where you can sleep as much as possible because I don’t think there’s any better recovery!

Just before you go……

When is your next gig?

Currently writing my solo album so no tour dates planned just yet.

Hot tickets you want to get for 2024:

  1. Fred Again - always a top live show
  2. Tom Odell - phenomenal writer
  3. Jungle - something very unique about their vibe.

Favourite venues in London:

  1. Used to be Brixton academy but I think it’s been shut down for a while, just praying it opens
  2. Koko. Brilliant vibes all the time

New Year’s Resolution?

Create deeper relationships with my friends and start giving myself cut off times for work as I can so easily get carried away in the studio!

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