Monthly News - March Roundup

Spring is here! Stock up on Rebound packs for the chance to win a Golden Ticktet. 

You heard that right. Golden Tickets will be put into orders at random over the next month. If you are a winner lucky winner, we will send you 10 Rebound packs to help you bounce back for the fun ahead.



 Interview with DJ Josh Parkinson


Josh is a DJ, MC and Producer. He was also scouted by Select Models at 19 and has since had an international career that has spanned fashion, arts and of course music.

Josh judges and works a crowd flawlessly allowing him to combine DJ’ing and MC’ing of the highest order, all whilst dropping in his own productions.

Our Founder, Georgie, talks to Josh about how he has developed his unique style, how he fuses his different worlds together while also looking after himself and what’s on the cards for 2024.





Georgie's wellness trends for 2024



Wearable tech

My Oura Ring is my everyday health partner alongiside how I feel. It tracks my sleep, activity, stress levels and much more helping make make appropriate decisions for my body and mind each day. Its personalized insights and periodic analyses are also super valuable.



Cold & hot therapy

I'm HUGE on cold therapy. Just 3-5 minutes in an ice bath not only boosts immunity but also improves stress resilience. I then have a sauna for detoxification, relaxation, improved blood flow and immune support.



Proactive recovery

13% more people are actively seeking lifestyle changes & supplement sales have increased 50% over the last 3 months. Including Rebound in your weekly health and wellness plan also supports proactive recovery and health optimisation.


Nutrients of the month

This month is all about energy. Three key nutrients, found in both Capsules A and B and in the PREPARE and REPAIR doses, support energy production, improve endurance and lift our spirits as we transisiton into spring.




A mineral supporting 300+ enzyme reactions for energy and brain function, reducing fatigue and boosting energy.


Vitamin B Complex

These promote energy production nd are essential for brain function, hear health and cell metabolism.



Iron transport oxygen in the blood to the muscles and brain to support mental and physical performance as well as energy production.


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