Monthly News - Rebounding into 2024!

Hugest Thank You and Happy Christmas!

Thank you for all your support, loyalty, word of mouth spreading and orders this year.

How about including Rebound in your daily wellness plan through the build up to Christmas and New Year to ensure you feel fresh as every day?!

What an 8 months it has been.....

⭐️ 12,000 people have tried Rebound

⭐️ 65% keep coming back

⭐️ Over 110 5* Trustpilot testimonials

⭐️ Involved in over 40 brand or influencer collaborations and events

2024 is looking even bigger and more exciting so watch this space.

We can’t wait to keep helping you to feel your absolute best after having fun and continue on our mission to change partying mentality one Rebound pack at a time. Here's to being proactive about recovery on a weekly basis in 2024 - Rebound is not just for the big benders!

Until then, have a very Happy Christmas and fun filled New Year!

Influencer Interview with Heloise

Heloise is a former professional horse rider turned wealth manager and PT. A lover of all competitive sports and always looking for the next challenge, Heloise regularly competes in events, from Ironmans to CrossFit competitions.

Georgie met up with Heloise Nangle this month to talk about her love of fusing music, arts, and of course fitness.






Surviving the Silly Season 🎄

Founder, Georgie, gives us her top tips to improve energy, mood, detoxing and sleep the day after the night before!





Recovery Tips

With the 45% discount, the packs are much less than the cost of a single drink so no excuses for not feeling your best this Christmas!

1) FOR LONG NIGHTS - take an extra Prepare dose during your night - yes that’s a Prepare before, a Prepare during and then Repair before bed! Game changer 😉

2) FOR BIG WEEKENDS - take a Rebound pack for as many days after as you partied i.e. if you partied for 2 nights, take a Rebound pack on each night and then for two days afterwards. Guarantees a smooth landing and max productivity!


Nutrients Of The Month 💊


A botanical that can support the liver by increasing the flow of bile, which helps with detoxification. It also contains a carbohydrate, called polysaccharides which may help protect the liver against disease and support overall function.



An amino acid that helps to speed up the breakdown of acetydehyde, the toxic by-product of drinking alcohol. Researchers in 2020 found that L-cysteine can support detoxification and prevent alcohol-related hangover symptoms including nausea, headache, stress and anxiety.


Milk Thistle

A botanical that can support liver function and is known to have liver protecting properties. It may also help to reduce inflammation caused by the toxic by-products of breaking down alcohol by boosting antioxidant status in your body.

All of these nutrients are found in Capsule A of your Rebound Pack.


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