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The Rebound Train Steams Ahead 🚂

We continue to smile with the incredible response and loyalty we've received since launch. Rebound’s A-star party recovery rumour hasn’t stopped and 36% of you have hopped back on board to stock up on our party recovery packs.

We're thrilled that you're making Rebound part of your fun times ritual.


Spreading The Love 🧡

We’ve noticed something amazing… You guys are becoming Rebound ambassadors!

 Friends are asking friends out and about whether they’ve taken their "Prepare" dose and whether they’ve put "Repair" on their pillows afterwards.

It's like a secret handshake and a game changing one at that, for just the price of a single drink! 😉

Autumn, Here We Come 🍂

We've got some exciting news to share with you as we transition from festival season to Autumn vibes.

We're talking to hotels (Rebound in your room, anyone?), country pubs, bars, exclusive members clubs, the racing world, wedding planners and some lifestyle brands as well as attending some influencer and club nights. If you are in hospitality and think Rebound could support your customers, get in touch.

Watch this space!


Your Weekly Wellness Sidekick 💪

Remember, Rebound isn't just for festivals and big parties.

What about those cheeky pub drinks, dinner parties, birthdays and stag/hen weekends 👍. Include Rebound in your weekly health & wellness plan.


Expect to see our orange faces everywhere, your ‘Fun time Partner in Crime’!

Festivals 🔥

We have continued to put packs on pillows in the glamping campsites and directly into the hands of those who need it most to get them through 4 days of fun at Wilderness, Lost Village, Heartwood, Garbricz in Poland, Womad, Noisily, Secret Garden, Glastonbury and Boom in Portugal.

Festival season was rounded off last weekend, the same way it started back in May, at Little People Festival.

 Image credits: Wilderness, Lost Village, Heartwood, Gabricz, Womad, Noisily, Secret Garden, Glastonbury, Boom

Nutrient Of The Month

PureWay C® uses a naturally occurring fat that is easily recognised by our cells to improve absorption and also uses citrus bioflavonoids to boost its effectiveness. 


We love this mega product with a highly absorbable dose of Vitamin C. PureWay C® is in Prepare and Repair and delivers an unmatched dose of Vitamin C that is gentle on the stomach, has no digestive side effects typical of high doses of vitamin C and has 233% higher retention rate meaning your body takes in much more vitamin C.

On The Scene 🎶

B-London, previously exclusive Boujis Club in South Kensington, London, has been putting packs on their tables and Pacha Hotel and bar in Ibiza has put us in their mini bars and on beds to support nights out on the white island.

Stay Tuned 📲

2023 still has plenty in store for team Rebound.

Follow us on our social channels below for more Rebound adventures, partnerships and some giveaways, because we love our loyal Rebounders!

In the meantime, have fun and look after yourselves #preparepartyrepair 🤩


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