Monthly News - April Round Up

The days are getting longer, brighter and moods are lifting as diaries fill with fun plans for the spring and summer.  Make the most of our bundle discounts to ensure your mornings after the nights before are full of energy and wellness.


    Rebound News

    Soho House Barcelona - Rebound is going to be on sale in their mini bars!

    International Music Summit (Ibiza) - Rebound will be helping delegates and the biggest names in the music industry get through 3 days of seminars and fun.

    Glastonbury - Our successful launch pad last year.  You will find us on every pillow every night in Yurtel and Pennard Orchard.

    Interview - Sam Pepys

    Sam is a Strength and Conditioning Coach for coaches, athletes and professional footballers. He is also Founder of Sam Pepys Performance, an online coaching and mentoring global brand.

    Since leaving Crystal Palace, he has worked with Premier League players and England internationals and continues to help with the development of academy players and physical preparation of first team players.

    Sam is also our Founder’s brother and together they have worked with athletes in supporting both their training and nutrition.

    He talks to Georgie about training professional athletes and footballers, what makes a good online fitness programme and why strength and conditioning is not a fad, but central to reducing injury and getting fitter quicker.


    GUEST COLUMN from Wellness by Gigi

    Self Love 

    Gigi is a yoga teacher and health and wellness coach. After struggling with her own health, she went on a journey of self-discovery and embraced healthier habits. This lead to a personal awakening and cleared the path towards a more fulfilling life. This transformation sparked a deep desire to help others do the same by embracing balance in all aspects of their lives - mind, body, spirit and overall wellbeing.


    Gigi talks to us about why self love is one way to address this and is actually the foundation for a happier, more fulfilling life.


    Health & Wellness Digest - Gut Health by Georgie

    As a nutritionist with functional medicine training, I help clients get to the root cause of conditions or symptoms.  9/10 times this means starting with the gut so I believe that all good and not so good starts here. It is considered our second brain as it uses the same chemicals and cells as the brain to help us digest and to alert the brain when something is amiss. It also houses 70% of our immune system so it deserves proper attention.

    We are all different but check out some top line gut health No Nos that I often see in clinic.


    Nutrient of the Month


    This amino acid is found in capsule A of your Rebound packs and modulates inflammation after a night out. It also supports the gut microbiome and promotes the integrity of the gut mucosal wall so helping to reduce leaky gut and inflammation. It also been found to help IBS symptoms like abdominal pain and bloating.



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